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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday  CBS  June 22, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> ♪ >> developing right now, just released surveillance video appears to show a man forcing a doctor inside her rittenhouse square apartment. once inside, she tells police he sexually assaulted her. he makes a get away and then turns right back around and walks back to her home. evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thanks so much for joining us. this video is just latest
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piece of the puzzle. steve patterson is live in rittenhouse square with late word from police on this case. >> reporter: good evening, natasha. the second piece of that of course the suspect description which 40 hours later remains vague. hispanic male mid-20's medium build about five-six dark hair. we got our first look as you mentioned thanks to that police surveillance video released this morning. thanks in part to the cameras that are posted right behind me on spruce street. the video is murky at best but it does confirm a third piece to this puzzle, a time line. blurry and dark, but what may be the best view of what happened in the moments before police say a woman was forced into her center city apartment and raped. >> look at that. >> i can't see anything. >> reporter: neighbors reacting to surveillance video obtained by police and released sunday morning. take a look. the woman walking down spruce approached by a man. he appears to put his hand around her and they walk into
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the building. >> i think it's horrible that it happened around here. >> reporter: the happened shortly before 1:30 saturday morning. police say the woman, 26 year old doctor is walking home from a nearby bar to her apartment in the 1900 block of spruce when she's approached by the man in his 20's and forced into the entrance. upstairs police say she's assaulted raped and robbed. we showed the video to neighbors who say based solely on what they see it is not clear what's happening. >> it's hard to tell. >> i don't know. >> reporter: what is clear is the timing. look again. they go in, an hour later he comes out before he goes back in a second time. moments later the suspect strolls away. >> we don't know the facts and i think it would be too soon to just jump and start saying, ooh, this area is not safe. >> reporter: details remain as basic and opaque as the video but with the suspect on the streets it's never too soon for caution. >> people still need to be
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vigilant and guarded, but stuff like this happens everywhere. >> reporter: and if you would like to see for yourself we've posted that suspect description and the video in its entirety on our web site at meanwhile, this neighborhood remains vigilant on edge as police continue their search for a suspect. reporting live from rittenhouse square, i'm steve patterson, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, steve, thank you very much. we're also following breaking news right now out of the city's tacony section. that's where police are now looking for the person who tried to abduct a teenager outside of a wawa. it happened in the 6400 block of torresdale avenue at about 1 o'clock. police say a man in his 30's approached a 15-year-old boy when the teen punched the man in his face, the suspect then fled. the teen was unharmed. also summer brings a violent night to the city of philadelphia. two people are killed overnight including a teenager. the seven shootings were scattered all throughout the
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city. police say at six different locations. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhury has the details. >> reporter: shots fired across the city overnight leaving at least two dead including a teenager. the first fatal shooting happened a little after 11:00 saturday night. police went to eighth street and berks avenue to disperse a large crowd. a 16 year old boy was slot in the back of the head. he was taken to temple hospital where he was pronounced dead. a 20 year old was slot in the back and also taken to temple. this shooting was a close call for officers as bullets hit a police vehicle. >> as a result of that shooting incident a police car was struck with a stray round. the officers were not in the vehicle at the time. fortunately for them. >> reporter: the second fatal shooting happened on the corner of germantown avenue and rising sun. police arrived to the scene as a 24-year-old was being carried out of a bar. he was shot multiple times. the man was taken to temple
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hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> we have a scene out here. we have about 13 shell casings and there was a large crowd at the time of the incident. >> reporter: the string of shootings started around 10:30 saturday night when a 32 year old man was shot near the 4600 block of marvine street. he underwent surgery. about an hour after that, two people were shot within minutes of each other near the 5500 block of north american and shortly before midnight, a man was shot twice inside of a home on the 1300 block of mckinley street. police say it was a violent night. >> police officers we're always concerned when there's people being shot. we're always on guard. we're always aware of the environment. >> reporter: officials continue to investigate each shooting. if you have any information you're being asked to contact police. at police headquarters, syma chowdhury, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, this amazing video of what looks to be a great white shark off the coast of the south jersey shore is blowing up on social media. three videos posted on youtube
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and shared on twitter show the shark circling a boat near the so-called 28-mile wreck off brigantine. >> uh-oh, he's going to take our chum bag. he's going to take our chum bag. >> he's taking our chum bag. >> that's scary. as you can see there, the shark got a little too close for comfort. we talked to an expert at the marine mammal stranding center in brigantine who says it is any other out of the realm of possibility that great whites are swimming just off the coast but far enough that they aren't dangerous to swimmers on the beachly we understand the crew took off when that shark started nibbling at the engine. good idea. and a perfect day for a stroll meantime at the manayunk arts festival. more than 300 artists from all around the country displayed their work from paintings to glass work to jewelry and everything in between. it was a beautiful scene today on a gorgeous day. meteorologist justin drabick is live on the cbs3 sky deck with the first look at the forecast. justin, i just peaked out
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earlier. i need an umbrella, right. >> it really depends depends where you r we have isolated showers this afternoon but over all a comfortable air mass continues to remain some place. not typical for the end of june. i want to show you storm scan3. we had a shower come through the cbs3 studio area over the past half hour but really over south philadelphia you head into northwestern camden gloucester county, that's where we see the steadier showers if you want to even call them steady. they've been getting very isolated, scattered. they'll die down over the next few hours as we lose the heating from the sun today. most areas stay dry. you just may run into a passing shower over the next couple of hours. otherwise, just some clouds and those clouds will continue to dissipate later on tonight. temperatures right now rain cooled air little bit here in philadelphia, 75 degrees. 76 in allentown. more sunshine to our north and reading we're still hanging onto 80 degrees. cooler breeze down at the shore, wind off the water so the air temperatures in the lower 70's around wildwood and atlantic city. 72 this hour in doylestown, mid 70's both in quakertown
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and willow grove. so, another very comfortable evening tonight. we'll see some 50's in some of the suburbs and another pleasant day on monday. generally mostly sunny skies. we'll get back up into the mid 80's for highs in philadelphia. upper 70's both at the shore and the poconos and the key thing there is low humidity but unfortunately it is late june, so you know that's going to change. coming up in the full forecast we'll talk about that humid air mass, when it returns and the next chance of some showers and thunderstorms. but first, you can get the cbs3 eyewitness weather forecast. weather warnings video and more with the cbsphilly weather app. it's available right now from your app store. just download it now to your phone for weather information right at your fingertips. we'll get more on that forecast coming up in a few minutes. natasha, back to you. >> and well, new developments in iraq. iraqi officials say militants captured two border crossings one with jordan and another with syria. president obama is so concerned he is dispatched secretary of state john kerry to the middle east. cbs news correspondent wendy
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gillette has more. >> reporter: president obama told cbs's nora o'donnell on sunday's face the nation that washington must remain vigilant about the situation in iraq. >> what we can't do is think we're just going to play whack a mole and send u.s. troops occupying various countries wherever these organizations pop up. >> reporter: it's a characterization that some republicans dismiss. >> and it's not whack a mole. this is in our national security interest. bumper sticker phrases aren't going to win this thing. we've got to be dug in for the long hall because they're dug in for the long haul. >> reporter: 300 u.s. military advisors will join 275 troops to provide security and support for the u.s. embassy in baghdad and other american interests in and around iraq. on sunday sunni militants captured two more border crossings. one leads to syria, the other to jordan. the islamic state of he can and syria oracies sis has taken control of four towns in the sunni dominated anbar province since friday. secretary of state john kerry
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is on a week long mission urging arab leaders to work together to defeat isis. he met with egypt's new president in cairo on zinn. iraq has asked the to us use air strikes to stop the violence. but so far president obama has not ordered any as he weighs possible military action. wendy gillette for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, former pennsylvania governor dick thornburgh is recovering at a hospital in pittsburgh tonight after suffering a mild stroke. thornburgh who served as u.s. attorney general under presidents reagan and george h.w. bush was admited to upmc presbyterian hospital yesterday. doctors reportedly told the 81 year old's wife that he will recover. now on a warm summer day a cool pool sounds great don't you think? coming up, how about taking a dip in water that's just 2 degrees? more on this crazy stunt coming up next. also great video here. stormy skies over an american monument. justin. >> well, we have some low humidity around the delaware
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valley but don't get used to it. things are going to change for the upcoming work week.
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>> well, philly gets into the world cup spirit. "eyewitness news" at 15th and locust where the street turned into a huge block party for team u.s.a. the team is taking on portugal at this hour and folks were showing off their spirit by sporting a lot of red white and blue. a win will bring americans closer into the final 16. lesley van arsdale has more on
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the big u.s.a. game coming up in sports in just a bit. and summer is here but it was a winter solstice in antarctica. after sawing through a yard of ice they soaked in the balmy weather. temperature just 2 degrees. that's still warmer though than the air temperature which is around minus 30. ouch. thank goodness nothing like that around here. oh, boy. take a look at this. a lightning show over mount rushmore. amazing video of lightning illuminating the monument. look at that. dark storm clouds behind it. that really is just a great shot there. >> yes. >> all right, justin, did we have any fireworks? i saw the rain out there. >> yeah, we had some rain, no lightning. that's a good thing. depending on where you are you may run into a brief shower. nice start to the work week, more sunshine on tap. check out the dark skies as we're looking at the ben franklin bridge. again, south end of the city
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on into camden gloucester county seeing a little bit of a steadier rain right now so again very weak disturbance moving through this evening. now, we'll go to storm scan3 am i want to show you this. not a lot of coverage with the rain at all. there's just a few clouds around southeastern pennsylvania into southern new jersey. little area of rain over the city. we're dry into central delaware and just north of the city as well. so, a little weak disturbance rolling through and steadier rain coming in northwest parts of camden and gloucester county extends south philadelphia, maybe into southern montgomery county as well. as we lose the heating from the sun this evening, these showers will diminish and things will improve. again really where you are, that's depends if you see that shower. and very isolated. 75 degrees at the airport. 71 in mount pocono. pretty much 70's everywhere. the exception reading. hanging on that 80-degree mark. little more sunshine to the north and west. yes 91 pittsburgh. there's nothing terribly warm, though, still we're sitting in a nice comfortable air mass. high pressure just dominating the new england area.
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keeping us fairly dry for the most part and comfortable. look at the dewpoint temperature. tell mes us how much moisture is in the air. this is low for june. currently we're at 58 degrees. tomorrow generally mid-50's. that keeps us at the pleasant side. by the middle of the week we start to creep up to that 65 to 70-degree mark so we'll get to that oppressive feel tuesday into wednesday and that's when we'll see our next shot for some showers and storms. temperatures in the 80's tomorrow. mid 80's, close to average with sunshine and clouds. on tuesday, we get this warm front through. that's really start -- that starts to bring in that humidity. when winds turn more out of the south becomes more uncomfortable be and as the front approaches wednesday watch out for shower and storm chances especially during the afternoon. going to feel like the middle of summer on wednesday. through the evening again a spotty shower possible. that quickly dies out. we're dry overnight. into monday we go, generally mostly sunny, maybe a few afternoon clouds. we could get in sprinkle again firing up in the poconos in the afternoon. tuesday pretty much same story, dry but more humid. and then there's our better
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rain chances arriving wednesday, especially into the afternoon and evening as that cold front moves through the region. so, temperatures again tomorrow are going to be on the warm side, near average but still comfortable with low humidity well into the low to mid 80's for the inland spots. warmer on tuesday. there could even be some upper 80's if we see enough sunshine on tuesday afternoon. so the forecast tonight, still comfortable. we get that shower early. otherwise partly cloudy, 62 for the city, 50's in the suburbs. a warm day on monday. sunshine and clouds. back up to 84 degrees for the high temperature. plenty of sunshine to go around at the jersey shore and delaware beaches much upper 70's for the high temperature. water temperature comfortable at 73 degrees. all right. here's the extended forecast. pretty much typical for late june. highs right on target for this time of year. the mid 80's. 84 for monday, 86 tuesday and wednesday and then again i think wednesday's our best slot slot to see some showers and storms with humidity around. by the end of the week warm but the humidity drops off again so typical for june.
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not too bad. >> shower every now and again. >> y got it. >> i should be okay if i want to dip out for a second. >> go for it. >> i'll yell at you later if my hair gets wet. >> we never yell at justin. >> too nice. >> phillies wrapping up the road trip in saint louis trying to take the series from the cardinals. second inning no score bases loaded cody asche clears them for a double. phils take a three-nothing lead. kyle kendrick cruising along until the fourth. bases loaded john jay singles in matt adams and the lead down to two. next up jhonny peralta singles to center field, two more runs are going to score and just like that the phillies lead gone. tied after three. the cards not finished. mark ellis right here with. the cardinals go on win this game five to three.
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>> ♪ team u.s.a. taking on portugal as we speak. they can advance out of the group of death into the knockout round with a win. you're looking live right now at the piazza where a large crowd is watching the game on big screen tv's hoping team u.s.a. can get this win and right now portugal leads one-nothing at the half. in other world cup action, russia taking on belgium. this game decided in the final minute. he scores with two minutes left in the game and belgium would advance to the round of 16 with that one-nothing victory. second game of the day, korea taking on algeria. algerian squad took control early scoring three goals in the first half to defeat south korea four to two. flyers have released their schedule. they'll open the season boston on october 8. next night the home opener against the devils. jeff carter mike richards
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justin reams and the kings make their only appearance on october 28th. the rangers will come to town on black friday and the penguins make the first of their two trips to philly january 20th. flyers close out the season at home against the ottawa senators april 11. the sixers reportedly may draft joel embiid with the third pick. embiid had foot surgery friday. he'll miss four to six months before the injury he was the projected number one overall pick in the draft. still the big question is should the sixers draft embiid? we're going to talk about that in the sports zone with sixer beat writer keith pompey. paul jolovitz will join me to caulk phillies and world cup action. that's tonight after the late news here on cbs3. cannot wait for this draft. >> oh, i know. lots of drama. >> uh-huh. >> thank you lesley. it was a very unique birthday celebration. coming up the garden state is
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abuzz about turning 350. more news when we com
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>> ♪ >> well, new jersey is celebrating a birthday. three hundred fiftieth birthday that is with a family friendly festival at the state capital. history buffs admired the state's birth certificate and also reveled in free tours of buildings in the capital complex. outside the kids got to play and pet the animals. giant steps back when a bee keepers did a demonstration. i would have done the same thing. we'll be right back everyone. stay with us. >> ♪
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>> welcome back. children's hospital of philadelphia host a reunion to see how children who underwent surgery are doing today. more than 1700 people gathered for fun outside of the hospital that saved the tiniest of lives. once in incubators they're climbing rock walls jumping having a good time. the surgical team has been
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hosting this events for the past 18 years. they have just as much fun they say as the kids. >> this is my favorite day of the year and i think that's true for all of our team because we see all the kids and they're growing and healthy and what could be better than that. >> the doctor says 150 fetal surgeries will be performed at chop by the end of the year. he says many don't realize it is the biggest center in the world. they are all adorable. and had a good time out there. i don't know if i could climb that rock. that's "eyewitness news" for now. i'm natasha brown. for lesley, justin all of us here, we appreciate you being with us. as always, we're always on for you, 60 minutes is up next. we're back at 10:00 on the cw philly barks here at 11:00. have a great night. >> ♪
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> simon: like the greeks and the russians, copts are orthodox christians. but they have one thing in common with the roman catholics- - they elect a pope. the final choice is made by a boy who is blindfolded and led to a crystal chalice containing three names. the name on the piece of paper the boy picks becomes the next pope. the copts believe his choice is not a roll of the dice, but is inspired by the divine. ( cheers and applause ) >> say i want to fly right through this hole in the tree, that little gap. i'm going to bring it down, fly back through the hole, right at us.


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